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Nancy Sherr gives you the priceless...
"Though you may instinctively know your values and strengths, it's the synergy of them both that help you see the true power of yourself and turn that power into a language that communicates what you truly bring to the table. 

Nancy Sherr gives you the priceless tool of knowing and articulating your true self-worth and showcasing that within your network and to the world. "
-Tamara Levin, Bergen County, NJ
TJ M. — On His Strengths Arsenal
What are some of the feelings that you had when you came onboard that have lessened now that you're working with Nancy and the CareerDNA™ roadmap?
"I've learned how to map my strengths to other jobs and careers. I didn't really know my strengths before I started working with Nancy, I was making decisions to move to a new job with the "HOPE" of finding that "FEELING" of a good fit. With the crystal clear understanding I NOW have of my strengths, I'm super excited for what's ahead!"
Renee N. — On What Was Most Surprising
What's most surprising about working with Nancy?
"Nancy's level of attention and openness is a quality I truly appreciate, she is and has been TOTALLY dedicated to my success since day one!"
Lisa R. — On What Was Most Revealing
What's most revealing to you after working with Nancy?
"Nancy is incredibly skilled at applying her insights, wisdom, and perspective on my strengths and also on my own thoughts and ideas by showing me very specifically how my greatest assets are of huge value to a variety of companies and organizations."
Paula K. — On Feelings Of Fear & Confusion
What are some of the feelings that you had when you came onboard that have lessened now that you're working with Nancy and the CareerDNA™ roadmap?
"Nancy lessened my fear and confusion around not knowing what to do next. I was making a good living, but totally unhappy. I was very anxious about transitioning to a role that I'd enjoy, without taking a pay cut. Nancy helped me understand and embrace my fear while at the same time putting into motion a process that has safely and amazingly guided me to my next chapter and an awesome career move!"
Andrea B. — On The CareerDNA™ Experience
"I can’t recommend Nancy enough, best investment I’ve ever made!"
"Nancy is an amazing human being, she has created a top-tier program that lead me to realize my best career move ever. She, will go above and beyond, is totally genuine, and has a huge heart. I can’t recommend Nancy enough, best investment I’ve ever made."
Jackie H. — On Results Midway Through Her CareerDNA™ Journey 
What results have you achieved? 
"I've learned about ME, even though I have known some of these things for awhile or might have kept them just below the surface, I'm now FINALLY CLEAR on my greatest strengths and values and have found positions central to those strengths. I feel so relieved and excited - Nancy is an amazing coach! 
Jennifer C. — On Nancy's CareerDNA™ Resources
"This 4-pack bundle is worth the price of admission!"
"This 4-pack bundle is worth the price of admission! I can just flip through this collated resource and find beautifully written emails to key contacts, cover letters and follow up notes — and all PLUG 'N PLAY! This quick and handy library is even useful for general business communications that I can leverage for SO many initiatives!"

“We all find ourselves on this high stakes treasure hunt at some point or another — a little bit lost, a little bit inspired and a lot worried. If you want to be sure you’re making the best life-changing career play, working with Nancy is the exact right next step. In Nancy you’ll find a safe place with a wise teacher and a constant champion to look within, go deep, shed your myths and bust out a whole new future.”

Gretchen Pisano, MAPP, PCC, CEO, p.Link ® Coaching Center for Excellence

“Nancy came into my life about four years ago, when I was at a crossroads in many areas of my life, not least in my career. I credit her with much of the success for where I am today. While partial and independent, Nancy’s personal job experiences and wealth of understanding help inform her approach. It’s such a relief to be working with someone who “gets it” straight away. Nancy has helped me on two levels. Firstly, on the practical level. She helped identify my strengths and opened my eyes to different options I had not even considered. She will take you through every stage of the process, piece by piece, until it all comes together. She sets your sights high, and then helps you craft a plan to achieve it. She was true to her word and stuck by me, pushing me (she’d call it “motivating me”!) to make things happen, and they did. The second level is emotional. Nancy is an expert coach, a calm and considered voice that fills me with confidence. Knowing I have a real advocate in my corner is invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend Nancy whether you are at the beginning of your career journey, thinking of making a move, or looking to get back into the market. Nancy is my secret weapon.”

Jane Mathews, Sydney AU

“This is a note of enormous gratitude to you, Nancy, because without your wisdom and insights, I’d never have made this life-changing move. THANK YOU. Last year, after leaving a senior corporate role to pursue something new, I was plagued by doubt and yes, good old fear. I chanced upon Nancy and loved the message she expressed. Working with her on this major career transition was an incredibly timely gift, and her observations and guidance were just what I needed.“Reinvention Catalyst” is a very, very appropriate description for Nancy.”

Debra Langley, Singapore
Rhonda's Story... 
"Working with Nancy during my mid-career transition was the best investment I have ever made and paved the way for me to successfully rebrand and reinvent myself professionally. 

Her approach to ensuring that I understand my core values and leadership strengths to determine my most prized assets and how to apply those insights to my professional life was an absolute life-changer for me. 

With her highly personalized approach, Nancy creates a safe space and provides tremendous guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the entire process, which made the experience deeply impactful for me from both a personal and professional perspective. 

Her skill and highly-informed method changed my mindset and showed me how to elevate myself professionally. She taught me precisely how to honor my strengths as a communications expert and to view the world through a lens of empowerment. 

Nancy’s expertise resulted in helping me to reveal, appreciate, and confidently articulate the value that I am poised to lend to advancing my career in a way that is true to me. 

I would encourage anyone struggling with navigating a career crossroads to invest in working with Nancy. So often, we have been taught that we should follow a pre-defined or default professional path rather than choosing a direction that best serves us.

Investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can make, and working with Nancy is essential to that investment."

Rhonda Salvestrini, San Diego, CA
Are You a Fit for Nancy’s CareerDNA™ Signature Program?
You’re likely a GOOD FIT if you…
  •  consider yourself a top performer / high achiever / committed to being your best self
  •  have realized success in your career and are committed to excelling in the corporate world or entrepreneurship; either way you have a big vision & desire to achieve, contribute, and do work you love
  •  are excited about committing a few hours / week to (literally) change your career and life
  •  are passionate about making positive change and investing time & resources into yourself
  •  are someone who takes ownership of your career and life
You’re likely NOT A GOOD FIT if you…

  •  don't feel excited about leveling up, building momentum, and moving your career forward
  •  view the concept of investing in yourself as a greater risk vs. the risk of using the same job/career search process you have in place today (which isn't getting you all that much traction...)
  •  blame others for what's happening in your life
  •  don't have the financial capacity to invest in changing your career and life
  •  are not emotionally ready to make a positive transition in your career and life
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